Published June 14, 2021

Attendees in Undisclosed Location Find Hope at the Summit Despite Pandemic & Local Strife


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“Praise God, we were able to bring The Global Leadership Summit to our community this year,” said leaders whose names or location cannot be disclosed due to security concerns. “In the last decade, we haven’t experienced such a high level of hunger for hope.”

…throughout the day in every session God was teaching me how to be more compassionate to humanity.

This is a sentiment we often hear from our volunteers and event coordinators around the world. But these sentiments are even more prevalent in places where an event like The Global Leadership Summit is the only option available to gather men and women to get equipped and encouraged with leadership insights and tools to help them ignite the positive change they long to see in their communities. In fact, the GLS takes place in countries that include some of the most war-torn regions of our world, offering hope for a better future.

In this last year, where the global pandemic affected so many of us including many of our partners around the world, we never could have imagined the level of impact the Summit could still have. And it is because of our generous donors and volunteers that stories like these are possible! Thank you!

Here are just some of the things we’ve heard from attendees in this undisclosed location.


I believe this year’s GLS was made for me.

“I just recently became a pastor. As soon as I stepped into this field, Covid-19 came, and everything was shut down. I thought, what to do and where to start? I was in agony and in fervent prayer. Then I was astonished to see a local organization hosting the Summit. As I prayed, I realized it was God’s will for me to attend. As I sat in my seat during the GLS, God spoke to me. I felt a new energy in my body. After the GLS I went back home, and God confirmed how to start serving. The next day I gathered all the young men who lost their jobs and I started sharing my notes from the GLS. And something strange started happening. Tears rolling in their eyes, I was afraid and stopped… But the Lord said, see, this is what I have called you to—pray for them, start helping them, this is what I call you to do. I believe this year’s GLS is for me.” – undisclosed pastor from undisclosed location


I too can be a vessel of hope…

“Bear Grylls has ignited a passion in my heart. I am inspired that if he can do such daring, brave things for entertainment, yet stay strong in faith, what a testimony! I too can be a vessel of hope to help many navy men come to know our Lord as savior. I am now filled with boldness and ready to take risks. I am on fire for God again. Thank you GLS!” – undisclosed navy fire department leader from undisclosed location


My wife, children and employees can testify that I am changed.

“Maybe because of Covid-19, I was going down in my attitude. I knew it was surely damaging my personality as well as my testimony. I felt it getting worse. I was struggling when I came to the GLS for the first time. As I kept listening to one session after the other, I was uncomfortable in my seat. Leaders beside me asked if I was ok. I ignored them but then Ben Sherwood spoke. It hit me. I humbled myself in prayer and the Lord touched me. I came back from that event joyful and as a hummingbird. My wife, children and employees can testify that I am changed. I will come back to the GLS again and again…I don’t know how to say thank you. I am thankful to God for using this great event to bring me to the right path in my attitude.” – undisclosed real estate leader from undisclosed location


God was teaching me how to be more compassionate to humanity.

“My friend asked me if I would like to have a life-changing experience. He said, ‘go to the GLS, it’s become a turning point for my life and this time, I am sure, you are to attend the event.’ And yes, it has changed me. I don’t know about others, but I do know that throughout the day in every session God was teaching me how to be more compassionate to humanity. There are about 35 people working under me. Before attending the GLS, I thought only we as front liners were extremely tired, giving out ourselves daily. But I must salute the passion, love and determination of the team here who risked their lives to help nourish, give back and serve humanity with His love and care through the GLS.” – undisclosed medical doctor from undisclosed location


It was a joyful moment in God’s presence.

“I experienced worship in four different languages! All the burden and pressure on my soul was lifted. I felt completely free to worship Him. It was a joyful moment in God’s presence.” – undisclosed business leader from undisclosed location


The GLS has also taught me to put my words into action.

“My spiritual journey started with GLS. When this Covid thing happened all over the world, I thought like others, maybe we will not have the GLS this year. But by the grace of God the GLS is here. I want to share my heart with you that through GLS I am able to understand God wants us to be better leaders. The GLS has also taught me to put my words into action. I want to be excellent! I am so glad to be at the GLS again!” – undisclosed pastor from undisclosed location


Our God wants us to extend our hands of love and grace and be a family with children.

“I’ve been married eight years. My wife and I had a wonderful time together and we love each other very much. For the last two years, God has been preparing both of us for adoption. We have been praying and processing this but coming to the GLS hit the nail on the head. After listening to Dr. Krish Kandiah, I am absolutely convinced God has this wonderful opportunity for us. Our God wants us to extend our hands of love and grace and be a family with children… I know this is the time for us to take an action. Thank you to the GLS for helping us complete our family and understand it’s importance.” – undisclosed medical professional from undisclosed location


“We stay humble before our God Almighty as we read such wonderful stories of all those whom He loves in this hard, hostile and struggling nation,” said the leaders from this undisclosed location. “Our team stands firms, even in this pandemic, to share the Gospel to those who are in desperate need of hope, those who are hurting, wounded, rejected, and more. We are part of a catalyst for change!”

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